About us

Turning Point is an independent online magazine, created by and for those actively seeking radical change.

Consisting of a wide network of editors and writers, the spirit of Turning Point is international, yet located in Europe. Far from click-baiting and breaking news trends, we publish long-form articles, interviews and photo essays that are still relevant in the future.

We think media can’t be neutral but it should be truthful. We are committed to reporting on the social and ecological questions of our times, such as war, patriarchy, technology, ecology, as well as democracy and economy beyond capitalism. When a viewpoint is rooted in the material processes it analyses, it can go deeper and see farther.

With the professionalism from mainstream publications and the uncompromising analysis from alternative media, we aim to be a place to return to.

Editorial Board

Benedetta Argentieri

A journalist and filmmaker. As an editor she focuses on global conflict and feminist movements.

Email: b.argentieri@turningpointmag.com

Maryam Ashrafi

A freelance photographer who believes in long-term projects and has joined Turning Point as photo-editor.

Email: maryam.ashrafi@turningpointmag.org

Patrick Hilsman

Researcher and journalist who has covered the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine extensively. His work focuses on conflicts, arms traffic, and refugees.

Ronja Mälström (pen name)

Editorial focus on organized communities, feminist struggles and literature reviews.

Email: ronja.malstrom@turningpointmag.org

Maria Edgarda Marcucci

A writer, publicist, and freelance editor. Her works focus on global conflicts and war, social justice and feminist theory.

Email: me.marcucci@turningpointmag.org

Henri Sulku

Editorial focus on political economy, people’s history, and resistance movements.

Email: henri.sulku@turningpointmag.org