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Turning Point aims to be a platform for a greater variety of voices, unexpected viewpoints, and new authors. We are always looking for original writers and ideas to broaden our understanding of the world.

How to pitch

Writing: Send us a 100-200 words pitch that reflects the style and tone of your intended article to Briefly explain the topic you want to write about, what is the main argument or viewpoint that you propose, and why it would be interesting for Turning Point’s readers.

your email should include:

  • A short bio with your (author) name, few words about your interests or your expertise/relationship to the topic at hand. Do state if your story is time sensitive and needs immediate answer.
  • Links to relevant earlier publications, if there are.
  • Please include in the email subject: Pitch /topic 

We expect submissions to be original, understandable and rigorous. A good article is not persuasive, but intuitively convincing and appealing. Avoid academic, political or otherwise subcultural jargon. Explain your case clearly without relying on complex or ambiguous concepts too much. We don’t expect articles to take a position of fictitious objectivity or neutrality, but opinions and facts should be distinguished from one another and facts appropriately sourced.

Photo essay : We understand the power of visual storytelling and the importance of a concise narrative that complements the images, offering insight and coherence. Feel free to  pitch your photo story (PDF featuring a collection of 5 photos alongside a brief 300-500-word text that introduces or provides context for the series.)​​​​​​​

We respond to submissions within 10 days from receiving the email, and we expect you to communicate in a timely matter if the article is submitted somewhere else.