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A construction worker laboring high up without essential safety harnesses.

Photo Essay: Making Work Visible – Consumer Awareness and Labor Rights

Lauren WalshMay 29, 2024

Written shortly after May 1, International Workers’ Day, this photo essay highlights the challenges, successes, and hard work of laborers around the world.

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A woman volunteer of Danish Demining Group (DDG) is wears protective suit and inspects landmines in Donbas, Ukraine.

Photo Essay: Womanhood — What Does She Look Like? How Is She Seen?

Lauren WalshMarch 31, 2024

Globally, myriad forces continue to suppress, harm, and disenfranchise women; but this body of photographic work asks us to acknowledge, honor, and applaud the vital roles women play and to demand ever better equality.

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Photo Essay: Cultural Resistance as Transformation

Lauren WalshFebruary 7, 2024

In looking at the breadth of these photographs, I grasp that cultural resistance is standing up for, protecting, or taking back that which governing forces have attempted to steal or destroy.