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A woman volunteer of Danish Demining Group (DDG) is wears protective suit and inspects landmines in Donbas, Ukraine.

Photo Essay: Womanhood — What Does She Look Like? How Is She Seen?

Lauren WalshMarch 31, 2024

Globally, myriad forces continue to suppress, harm, and disenfranchise women; but this body of photographic work asks us to acknowledge, honor, and applaud the vital roles women play and to demand ever better equality.

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Reflection of woman from Argentinian Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo in a window, and governmental building on the background.

“The Authorities Don’t Know What to Do with Us”: A Fight for Justice Unites Mothers Around the World

Lisa ShishkoMarch 27, 2024

Mothers around the world do not give up and continue to fight for their children and, at the same time, for the world. The struggle of desperate mothers has stopped wars.

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A burning Giorgia Meloni effiqy in a demonstration in Rome for a rememberance of communist militant Valerio Verbano, killed by the fascists in 1980's.

The Gender(ed) Politics of Fascism: How Women Came to Lead the Contemporary Far-Right

Sonja PietiläinenMarch 20, 2024

Despite apparent misogyny, gender is a nuanced and complicated issue in far-right women leaders’ politics. By drawing on certain aspects of (fascist) femininity these women have played a central role in the normalisation and legitimization of racist misogyny in Europe.

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An Iranian girl let her hair blow in wind as she shops in Tajrish shopping area in Tehran,Iran, April 27.2023.

Dancing Around a Fire: A Century of Revolutionary Imaginings in the Iranian Women’s Movement

Saba MemarMarch 12, 2024

In the article I explore the radical potentialities opened by the Iranian women’s imagination, which they articulated as part of their journey to discover alternative realities.

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A woman holding bloody "Smash the patriarchy" sign on a protest.

There Is Nothing Natural About Patriarchy: Saini’s New Book Explores How Men Came to Rule

Ronja MälströmMarch 6, 2024

For Saini, a key to understanding patriarchy is seeing it as constantly changing: not just a system that is, but a structure that is shaped and created over and over again.

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Women protesting in Paris on Navember 25, 2023, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence.

Beyond Patriarchy

Editorial BoardMarch 6, 2024

It is through sustained involvement in politics and the relentless pursuit of freedom that we can dare to dream of a world Beyond Patriarchy.