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Programmers Ruth Lichterman (crouching) and Marlyn Wescoff (standing) wiring the right side of the ENIAC with a new program.

A Hidden History and a Feminist Future: Redesigning the Role of Women in Technology 

Valentina RamanandApril 10, 2024

In general, when a field starts to have an economic value, the tendency of the capitalist system is to try to obtain a monopoly over it. And this is one of the major reasons why women were excluded from computer science.

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A burning Giorgia Meloni effiqy in a demonstration in Rome for a rememberance of communist militant Valerio Verbano, killed by the fascists in 1980's.

The Gender(ed) Politics of Fascism: How Women Came to Lead the Contemporary Far-Right

Sonja PietiläinenMarch 20, 2024

Despite apparent misogyny, gender is a nuanced and complicated issue in far-right women leaders’ politics. By drawing on certain aspects of (fascist) femininity these women have played a central role in the normalisation and legitimization of racist misogyny in Europe.

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A woman holding bloody "Smash the patriarchy" sign on a protest.

There Is Nothing Natural About Patriarchy: Saini’s New Book Explores How Men Came to Rule

Ronja MälströmMarch 6, 2024

For Saini, a key to understanding patriarchy is seeing it as constantly changing: not just a system that is, but a structure that is shaped and created over and over again.