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pedestrians cross ponds of wastewater in the city of Khan Younis in south Gaza as a result of the Israeli invasion that has decimated the enclave’s sewage system.

Facing the Human Cost of Ecocide: The Environmental Destruction of Gaza Will Last Generations

Patrick HilsmanJuly 17, 2024

The destruction of Gaza’s environment is more than an ecological disaster. It has created deadly conditions that will keep killing Palestinian civilians even if the bombs stop falling.

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Afrin, November 2022, stumps of several trees cut down in an Afrin's Bafilyoun forest patch due to illegal logging by Turkish occupation.

Squashed by Climate Change and Turkey’s Ecocidal Warfare, Northern Syria Fights the ‘Worst Drought in 70 years’

Henri SulkuJuly 10, 2024

The fragile state of Syria’s ecology and agriculture has been weaponized by the warring factions of the civil war, often without a clear military objective, targeting the environment and civilian population. For neighboring Turkey, ecocidal attrition has become a prominent feature of its cross-border operations.

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Drone image of a destroyed village in the Donetsk Outskirts, Buffer Zone, Donbass, Ukraine. February 23, 2024.

The Three Dimensions of Militarism in the Climate Crisis

Patrick BiggerJuly 3, 2024

Where we shirk internationalism and a clear-eyed analysis of the violent political economy in which the climate crisis is unfolding, we do so at our collective peril.

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Drone image of the destruction Serebrianka forest, nicknamed as Black Forest, near Kreminna, Donbas, Ukraine.

Ecocide is Genocide

Editorial BoardJuly 3, 2024

As isolationist, conflict-prone, and militarized state responses testify, the “dangerous duo” of conflicts and climate change calls for a renewed internationalist consciousness to guide local and global struggles for justice, peace, and ecology.